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How well software is managed within a company is often a quick and decisive measure to understand if the company has a competitive advantage via accesses to information.  A company that leverages software is often a company that is able to access accurate and timely information.

Marc Andreessen, in his now famous essay Why Software Is Eating The World, stated:

“More and more major businesses and industries are being run on software…” In fact, name any significant, successful, dynamic business today, and it will likely have a strong Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).   What does it mean to have a strong ALM aspect of the business? The SAA follows a process that can look into the deep and dark secrets of how software within the company is defined, managed, and maintained.

An SAA is typically a week long exercise in which multiple interviews and discussions are conducted.  Upon conclusion, a report is created that identifies all aspects of a companies ALM practice, and how well each area is being managed.  The SAA is divided into eight practice areas:


The SAA will analyze and evaluate all practice areas and will yield a grade which reflects the maturity level of the organization within each practice area.  After all practice areas are evaluated, the SAA yields a comprehensive report which documents the understanding of how mature the company in leveraging software assets.