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Data Integration

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Data Integration

Data Integration is often approached by simply dumping data from different enterprises in to a giant data warehouse. This approach not only seldom solves data problems, but often creates new ones as data from different sources is likely to contain redundancies, inaccuracies and just plain outdated information…

Add to this challenges created by different file and media formats, different data sources and formats and often different purposes for the same data and Data Integration becomes much more complex than simply creating a data warehouse.

Phoenix Data Integration creates solutions which allow different enterprise databases to exchange information in meaningful ways, and for the resulting master datasets to be interpreted in new and more practical ways.

Our experts can work with your IT department to create a unified data structure without creating a Frankenstein’s Monster database.


Why Choose Phoenix?

  • Streamlined Data Exchange
  • Enhanced Data Interpretation
  • Unified Data Structure
  • Avoiding Database Complexity

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