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“Life would be much easier if I had the source code.”

While out-of-the-box is often the only option when starting out, there’s no doubt it comes with built-in limitations. This is because the developer is attempting to produce a ‘works for everyone’ solution. Unfortunately this usually means that it will

  • have only some of the features you need.
  • will have lots of features you don’t need
  • and will be missing a few things you do need.

In time your organization will grow and adapt to the marketplace in ways where the limitations of out-of-the-box applications become more of a challenge than a solution.

That’s where Phoenix Application Development Services come in. We can develop custom applications for both Windows and mobile devices; applications that will be engineered to deliver the custom functionality your employees need to work more efficiently, to allow your organization to better meet client needs, and that integrates with your current database and IT architecture.

Not all software development companies are created equal. There are lots of programmers out there, but are they also part of an organization that is proficient in database management, cloud computing and the web? Applications developed without a full understanding of these interdependent technologies are unlikely to meet your needs and may even cause more problems than they solve.

At Phoenix, we develop for Windows, Android and iOS, taking in to account your IT architecture, application needs and of course intuitive design. A software program can quickly become a liability rather than an asset if your employees have a steep learning curve to climb before they can use it.

Using SaaS? No problem. We develop for that too.


How well software is managed within a company is often a quick and decisive measure to understand if the company has a competitive advantage via accesses to information.

With the advent of cloud computing and powerful mobile devices, good apps become great apps when they can be accessed from anywhere.

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