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Custom Windows Applications

“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.”
Bill Gates
Founder of Microsoft

Custom Windows Applications

What’s a GUI (pronounced ‘gooey’)? A GUI, or Graphical User Interface is a software front end that allows for the use of elements such as text fields, labels, buttons, and other well-known user-friendly elements. In fact, you’re looking at a GUI right now. Your browser is an excellent example of an (hopefully) intuitive Graphical User Interface. You probably had little trouble figuring out how to use your browser the first time you looked at one…

WPF, or Windows Presentation Foundation, is a GUI framework based in turn upon the Windows .NET framework. This means that any functionality or interface you’ve ever seen in a windows program can be built with WPF. Most importantly, these elements and functions can be customized to provide Windows enabled software that meets your specific needs.

Do you need a spreadsheet application with special functions, but without the heavy load of unnecessary features found in Excel? Perhaps a custom inventory tracking system that’s tied in to your database, which again provides only the functionality you need without all the extras that come with out-of-the-box software?

Whatever your employees need to work better, faster and more efficiently in their Windows environment we can build it – and we’ll build it to work with your current IT architecture.

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We begin with an overview of what your app needs in order to determine the best tools and approach to development. What are your business needs? Where is the data and in what form? Where do you need it to be and how does it need to be structured in order to provide the greatest possible accessibility and most importantly, derive meaningful insights from it.


Once your data and needs have been analyzed, our professionals meet with company decision makers to discuss options and recommendations. Explanations of each are given in clear English, not tech-speak, in order to enable your organization to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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