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Social Media by the Numbers




active Social Media users
are online as of 2017.




new Social Media users
enter the marketplace annually.


of Fortune 500 Companies
have a presence on Twitter.


of people who complain to a brand via Twitter expect a response within an hour!


The very popularity of social media and its concurrent success means that it is constantly evolving. Just a year or so ago, Instagram was popular. Now it’s Snapchat.

Remember MySpace?

In addition, successfully using social media to keep your organization in the forefront of your audience’s mind requires a large time commitment. Posts and tweets need to be relevant, timely, well-written and above all, frequent.

While large corporations usually have a social media expert whose full time job is to keep this content coming, SME’s seldom have the time or resources for this.

Phoenix will provide you with a dedicated, part-time social media expert who will stay on top of what your organization is doing, and then make sure that your audience knows. In addition, our social media expert can implement strategies to grow your follower base, making your social media presence more effective.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Seth Godin, Author and Entrepreneur