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Your Phoenix Software Assessment Audit will already have made recommendations on the most cost-effective and efficient merger solutions but different IT departments from merging companies may butt heads over implementing the plan.

Our Phoenix experts will oversee the efforts of the IT professionals within your merging companies to ensure a smooth transition where everyone is on the same page.

We can also use this opportunity to implement new IT architecture solutions that will benefit the new merged venture moving forward. Is it time to move to cloud computing with its many advantages over traditional in-house services? Phoenix is an industry expert in data management, in fact, it’s where we got started. Is this merger an opportunity to implement better data solutions to enable more agile analysis and decision making? Perhaps it’s time to develop in-house application solutions to empower your employees to be more productive?

A merger or acquisition doesn’t have to be just a challenge. It can also be a golden opportunity to make core changes that will leave the resulting merged organization better equipped to compete, grow and respond in today’s business environment.