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Top 3 Tasks Enterprises Use Cloud Computing For


File Storage


Backup/Data Recovery


App Development

Phoenix’ Cloud Transformation Agents (CTA’s) are a set of components and frameworks which allow for rapid and secure cloud migration while implementing a custom designed scalable cloud architecture that will serve the needs of your organization, both now and for years to come.

Our CTA’s allow us to quickly establish a cloud architecture foundation with ready-to-use components. This foundation can then be built upon piece by piece, following our prepared roadmap, to construct a fully implemented cloud solution. Our CTA’s also address functions such as authorization, authentication and connectivity.


CTI’s (Cloud Transformation Integrators), on the other hand, maintain functionality of all systems both during and after the migration process by providing a link between cloud enabled applications and data and legacy systems. This means little or no down time during the transition and painless integration of any legacy systems which either cannot be cloud enabled or for which doing so would not be advisable.

Our Cloud Partners

Custom built solutions may fit best, but there’s no denying they are more expensive and time-consuming than off-the-rack packages. Phoenix has extensive experience with third party solutions which can be assembled to construct part or all of your organization’s cloud structure more quickly and cost-effectively than bespoke architectures. Our experts will advise when and where these third-party applications and frameworks may be the best solution.