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In addition, it’s unlikely that you need someone in this role full time. This means that hiring a full time Chief Technology Officer just doesn’t make sense.

Phoenix can help.

Our team leader, Richard Reukema, has been developing a wide range of IT knowledge since 1985.

Blending the characteristics of a deep technical resource, an entrepreneur mindset, and business analyst; Richard always begins his work by understanding the business context for his services.  From this base of understanding, an analysis begins on how to best select, use, create and integrate technology into the business’s environment and works to resolve the nature of the business problem(s).

With his entrepreneurial nature, Richard comes with an extreme customer service attitude that always looks for common sense solutions that provide the business user with what they require, when they require it, and ensures the appropriate security context is maintained.

Richard has provided his skills and consulting services to large, medium and small business environments, always looking to streamline business process and gain efficiency.

He has performed in many roles such as:  Solutions Architect, VP of Product Management, Technical Team Lead, Technical Architect, Developer (C#), Database Administrator, and Instructor.

Whether you need a professional to make recommendations on how to completely overhaul your current IT architecture, or just an occasional checkup, Richard can bring to the table the necessary management and technical knowledge to recommend the most flexible and cost-effective IT solutions, and then to oversee the implementation of these changes so you can stay focused on managing your business.


"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them."

Paul Hawken, Natural Capitalism